Meet and Greet + Consultation

When we first meet, we get to know each other and go over your detailed health history. From here, if you are healthy & low risk, you can have all of your prenatal care, a home birth and postpartum care with Pacific Northwest Midwifery!



Your Care With Us


Postpartum (after your birth):

We come to your home and check in on you and your baby at 24 hours, between 3-5 days and again between 7-10 days. We will also do the PKU test. We recommend you take your baby to the pediatrician by 2 weeks old. At 6 weeks, we offer a pap smear and discuss future baby plans or methods of birth control.

Homebirth Tacoma

Home Birth:

When your labor begins, we keep closely in touch until you are ready  for us (midwife and assistant) to come to your home. Your birth area is quietly set up when we arrive and vitals are taken throughout labor. Once your baby is born, we assure you are both healthy and strong and take vitals every 30-60 minutes. For your newborn, we offer vitamin K and eye ointment as well as performing a gentle and thorough newborn exam. We also ensure that  breastfeeding is well established and stay with you from 3-5 hours after the birth.



We believe there truly is no place like home! Many of your appointments will take place in the comfort of your own home, and the others at the beautiful Sumner office, located on the beautiful property of Timber Creek.  Each appointment we discuss how you're feeling and go over the health of you and your unborn baby. We will review your lab results, nutrition, mental health, and what to expect as your pregnancy progresses. From 6-28 weeks, we see each other once every 4 weeks : 28-36 weeks, we see each other every 2 weeks : 36 weeks to birth=once a week.


Lab Work and Ultrasounds:

All of your blood work can be drawn at your home or at our office and will be tested at the laboratory. (Sometimes we may  ask you to go to a nearby lab to have blood drawn.) You will have any ultrasounds done at the imaging location closest to your home and the results will be sent directly to us.

Waterbirth Tacoma
VBAC Tacoma Homebirth
"Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers ~ strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength."
- Barbara Katz Rothman